We Build MVPs.

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We approach things a bit differently at EIG.

Traditional Model


Engineered Innovation

Embedded With A Proven, Debt-Free Process

Embedded Teams & Proven Process

First, we approach our client engagements not with a mindset of outsourcing or staff augmentation but rather by inviting clients into our proven process of building minimally viable products (MVPs). By working side by side and with regular (often daily) client interactions, we can move quickly, adjust to business changes and quickly deliver a working, enterprise-grade MVP.

We Build Software Companies – Not Just Software Products

We don’t look at a product as the sole outcome of MVP development. Throughout the journey of building products, we work with founders to create the high-functioning product and engineering processes and teams that are necessary for long-term success. This includes working through product and engineering roadmaps, establishing protocols & procedures, building security programs, and helping with internal hiring plans.  By building with this well-defined future state in mind, we can graduate our clients with a great product and established operations to run a software company successfully.