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Kestrel is designed to help people with diabetes to track their daily glycemic load, a simple way to monitor average glucose levels, and a feature that suggests recipes that give users better control of their blood glucose levels.

Client Testimonials

“Working with the EIG team has been one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in the business. They gave us unparalleled speed as an early-stage startup and helped us build and get an MVP into customers’ hands in record time. They dramatically accelerated our time to market — we were able to go from wireframes and an idea to getting real-world feedback from customers and users in a matter of weeks, not months.”

Drew Beechler – CEO, Holder

“EIG has been instrumental in helping us build our early product. They’ve been great partners and have brought a level of expertise that we just don’t have as a small startup.”

Raelyn Wilson – CEO, Peer Supply

“Working with EIG was an incredibly positive experience for our team. They helped us develop our product in a remarkably quick timeframe, allowing us to test our MVP ideas and get them in front of real customers. The architecture they helped create was efficient and scalable, giving us confidence in our ability to expand as needed. EIG also worked seamlessly with our own internal engineering team, providing clear communication and collaboration. Overall, we highly recommend EIG to anyone looking for a reliable and effective development partner.”

Mike Young – CTO, VMS Biomarketing

“EIG was an incredible engineering partner that helped bring the Wellkind app to life.  We needed a team capable of coding and delivering a top-notch user experience while identifying and overcoming potential technical challenges with the original product design.  Together, we created a product that exceeded client expectations across the board .”

Spencer Abrams – Principal Product Manager, Innovatemap

“The biggest surprise and delight of my EIG experience was the seamless transition from EIG acting as my engineering team to having our own Head of Engineering.  The robustness of the MVP they built coupled with their exceptional processes and documentation made it easy for him to immediately pick up the product and run with it.  EIG successfully launched our software product AND our software team.

John Larsen – Co-founder & CEO, vellum

“EIG is more than your average agency. What differentiates them is their expertise at integrating the creative and design genius of an innovation partner with the technical depth of an engineering partner. Together we created a website and a user interface to make it easier for entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners to access Federal funding.”

Kurt Gilmore – SVP, Brand & Experience, Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

“EIG brought a forward-thinking mindset to help us test our hypotheses and to build out a plan for deploying AI as an enterprise.  Their expertise helped us avoid spending money we didn’t need to and provided clarity about the best next steps to take in the second phase of our journey.”

Blair Webb – Director of Investments, Purdue Research Foundation

“User Experience is core to our competitive differentiation. We knew we needed professional design support to elevate the experience and to accelerate our time to market. EIG’s team of savvy designers and engineers took a collaborative, progressive approach, resulting in an engagement that was a smashing success.”

Jake Groth – Chief Technology Officer, UltraViolet Cyber, UltraViolet Cyber

“I couldn’t believe the product was this good this fast. And it got me even more excited about the art of the possible. Our experience with EIG makes me think differently about how quickly we can build a best in class product.”

Christina Brady – CEO + Co-Founder, Luster