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“EIG is more than your average agency. What differentiates them is their expertise at integrating the creative and design genius of an innovation partner with the technical depth of an engineering partner. Together we created a website and a user interface to make it easier for entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners to access Federal funding.”

" ["name"]=> string(12) "Kurt Gilmore" ["title"]=> string(23) "SVP, Brand & Experience" ["companyLink"]=> object(stdClass)#15820 (2) { ["title"]=> string(47) "Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)" ["url"]=> string(24) "https://www.iedc.in.gov/" } ["caseStudy"]=> object(stdClass)#17046 (1) { ["link"]=> string(116) "https://engineeredinnovationgroup.com/testimonial/kurt-gilmore-svp-brand-experience/eig-case-study-iedc-ssbci-final/" } } }